Artisan Tiles of Northern NJ

Home Improvement Tile Contractor

It all started in 1997. My first house in Ringwood needed a lot of work.
Kitchen's floor, backsplash, and countertop needed tile work.
Wayne Tiles helped me to choose very classy tiles, and professional materials
for installation.
It took a lot of work and thinking. My artistic European background helped me with design and layout, and at the end my family was impressed.

A year later, in 1998, with my first MK wet saw, I was certified and insured as
Artizan Tiles & Marble, and joined Ringwood Chamber of Commerce.
Over the years, I aquired knowledge, experience, and friends among satissfied customers.
In 2016 Artizan Tiles & Marble became Artisan Tiles of Northern NJ.
Our new machines can cut any kind and size of a tile.

I enjoy the challenge of each project.  
Tile work became the creative outlet.
I find it thrilling to create a new design
and when the work is done seeing the smile on customer's face.

By attending workshops and incorporating new materials we keep
Atrisan Tiles of Northern NJ up to date.